One Day Decorating

A room redesign is an economical solution for the person who does not want to purchase more furnishings or accessories, but needs a change in their home. We will arrange your furniture, accessories, and art in the best possible arrangement for your space all in one day – without buying anything new.

The underlying principal of redesign is to refine a room, a space within the home, using existing furnishings to create a space that is warm, welcoming and meets the needs of the people who live there. We want the space to reflect the homeowner and family as accurately as possible. This is usually done in a day and costs less than purchasing a new quality sofa.

The focus of a Redesigner is to highlight special possessions while making the home more functional, and pleasing to the eye. You already have all that you need, and a redesigner will bring it together in a way that reflects your true self.

Clients who use redesign usually come to us for one or more of the following situations:

• need change in their home

• moving to a new home

• selling their home

• downsizing

• special occasions

• inherited furnishings

FAQ – About Room Design Services

Q.What is the process for a Redesign?

A. At the outset we meet for a redesign consultation and to determine a date for the redesign session. This can be a full day or half day session, dependant on your needs. On the day of the redesign, we place all the furniture, art and accessories to create a space that accurately reflects you and your family. A space that is beautiful as well as functional.

Q.Why would I hire a Redesigner rather than an Interior Designer or an Interior Decorator?

A. There is an overlap between these fields. An Interior Designer is an expert at redoing your entire home, kitchen or bathroom, and can design an addition to your home as well as is licensed and works with city codes. An Interior Decorator works with purchasing soft furnishings for your home such as window coverings, and linens for example. An Interior Redesigner is trained to work with what you have already in your own home and works to ensure that your furnishings, accessories and art are highlighted and that your home is functional for the people who liver there.

Q. What if I don’t like my Redesign?

A. Redesigners work with the furniture, art and accessories you already own and so are not imposing their sense of style or colour. A professional redesigner will take what you have to showcase your personally and style. If you are unhappy, we will work with you until you are satisfied.

Newcastle Interiors Garauntee: Using the principals of interior redesign we use the furniture, accessories and art that you already own so you are sure to like the look. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your interior décor as we’ve done it, we will come back for free and work with you till you’re satisfied. In this form of interior design anything we do can be changed. ~ Claire Nagy, CRSS