The purpose of home staging is to present your home and property at its very best for the real estate market.  Statistics repeatedly show that a professionally staged home can sell twice as fast and at or above the asking price.

Variables you can’t control: location market, competition

Variables you can control: asking price, the condition of your property and how well your home shows

As a Certified Redesign and Home Staging Specialist®, our job is to:

  •  identify opportunities to make repairs and updates before your house goes on the market
  •  emphasize the positive features of the principle rooms and capture a buyers interest
  •  neutralize your current decor so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the space
  •  maximize curb appeal and make simple suggestions to make your home stand out in the neighbourhood

Home Staging should be viewed as an investment that will:

  • give your online listing WOW
  • make your home stand out from the competition
  • increase your homes’ appeal to a wider range of buyers
  • help you avoid price reductions
  • generate more interest among real estate agents

My goal is to support homeowners into the selling process by making certain that their property is in fact, ready for the real estate market.

Home Staging Consultation

A home staging consultation includes a thorough assessment of the property, inside and out. We discuss what changes should be made to prepare the home for the competitive real estate market. Suggestions for paint colours, furniture placement, curb appeal etc. will highlight the positive features of the home. This is your opportunity to take notes, ask questions and express any concerns you may have. At this point, you may decide to carry out the suggestions yourself.

Full Service Staging

If you want help more help staging your home, we can do as much or as little as you like. You choose the timeframe and the budget. Following a consultation, we plan for staging. Once the preliminary work, such as painting and repairs are completed, the actual staging begins. We place your furniture, art and accessories to enhance your rooms. If required, furnishings can be provided to complement your space at an extra cost.

Vacant Home Staging

Following a consultation, photos and a plan for staging, we prepare a proposal outlining the rooms for staging as required, keeping in mind your budget, cost of furniture and furnishings rental, delivery, set up etc. We then stage the property as agreed.

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